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Afro Guy

Human form

Stickman form

Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Afro
Species: sketch, stickman
Age: probably in his 30s
Friends: All of his followers

Afro Guy or simply Afro is a Drooodler and is one of the most well known and talented artists on drooodle. Afro Guy as an account is one of the few people that have been here before accounts and are still active. he is usually seen with MadRed and Greg walking the streets of drooodle city.


Afro Guy is an OC created by the account of the same name. Afro Guy depicted as an African-American human with an exceptionally large afro, and is more commonly depicted as a stickman in everyday posts, but often really detailed in comics or anything of that fashion.

Afro is mainly known for his comics and his enthusiastic personality.


Afro's art style can vary greatly, from being a simple stickman to a high detailed picture. Because of this, the appearance of Afro can change drastically.

Afro's main and most common way of being drawn is his stickman form, who is common in threads where he greets

An example of Afro's stickman form

people and threads where he addresses something important, such as informing us about a new comic or something similar to that matter.

Afro's other way of being drawn is as a fairly realistic human with emphasis on muscles. This art style is frequently used in his comics, but people in his comics are also drawn in ways similar to this fashion

Personality []

Afro is usually seen smiling and naturally in a happy attitude, rarely ever getting mad, many even theorize Afro has never even frowned once.