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Bob is a user who started as an anon. He has been semi-frequently visiting Drooodle since a Vsauce3 video mentioning Drooodle appeared on Youtube.

Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: N/A
Species: Humanoid
Age: Around age in real life
Friends: Basically anyone nice, once he warms up to them
Enemies: All trolls/All-time NSFW drawers
Relatives: SuperBob (Doppelganger)
Occupation: Being a Hobo
First Appearance: 9/22/14
Voice: Same voice as in real life

Super Bob


He started off as a featureless, large-headed stickman but eventually gave himself characteristics and recognizable features, including an orange top hat, orange eyes and a mouth. Nobody really knew him that much, or paid attention to him as he rarely appeared.

Present Bob[]

Although he gained friends through the adventures of escaping Mewzilla with Matt and Mr. Snake. He rarely made any new friends until 31/12/14,when he finally made an account. Bob has multiple lesser-known OCs, including his own hat, and clone of him that has super powers.

On 1/11/15, Bob committed suicide via jump from a height in the thick of depression from realizing how much drooodle was plagued with porn and AAPA (anons against Pooodle act). In an hour, A large orange light lit in the place he died, and woke up as a ghost. Bob eventually got his body back around October/November 2015.


Bob is a fairly nice, friendly person who tends to make jokes and sometimes makes not-so-subtle references to media or his interests. He still doesn't visit too often, but tries to be on whenever he can. Bob is usually bubbly, random, and carefree, but can get serious.

Butthurt Billy[]

Butthurt Billy, as known by Bob, is an anonymous user who sometimes appears on Bob's posts and yells at him for no reason,saying that he "sucks" and should "leave drooodle". His appearance is that of an average anon, except with extremely bunched up, pink Victoria's Secret "trademark" panties with well-visible fecal smears/stains on the back.

Butthurt Billy is also frequently walked like a dog on a leash by Bob. When doing something wrong, Bob shouts "Oh, you!" to Billy causing him to sometimes literally explode out of anger.

However, most unfortunately, due to increasing obesity, E.Coli Infections, and eating disorder, Billy passed into God's arms on 15/3/15.

God rest his soul.


Bob loves the web series "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared", and often pastes images of it on drooodle.

Bob has a pretty big wardrobe when it comes to holiday clothes.As an example, for Christmas, he has a red top hat with holly leaves on the brim.

Bob loves candy, chocolate, really anything sweet.

Bob's OP has a tumblr.