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Censor bar dog.png

Censor bar dog censoring the trolls! :D

The Censor bar dog is a dog who censors the Drooodle awesomeness with her face. She wears two censor bars, except under the bars isn't really anything. Just a fluff ball.


The Censor bar dog is KittydogCrystal's OC. This dog was made because there was just too much fun, and KittydogCrystal wanted to put an end to it all! Though the Censor bar dog isn't really effective against fun, she tries to keep the art away with her censor bar face.

Fighting the Dick Artists[]

Most of the time, Censor bar dog only has a few competitors to fight with. Those being the honorable dick artists. But sometimes, Censor bar dog meets her arch-nemisis, Team Dic*s. (censored name) When she is against this team, she needs more people to fight against them - Team Censor. With Team Censor on her side, it is a fierce battle between the two teams. It gets so intense it even leads to crying.


Censor bar dog died on December 8th, 2014. She died to stop Team Censor, because she realized her team was making Team Dicks more and more angry. She couldn't take the battles she was dealing with. She is currently an angel. Kittydog is a hoe.