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DoubleStubble is a smaller Drooodler, though he has recently reached the one hundred mark. Stubble's current OC is a humanoid creature with a floating head and a turtleneck sweater, saying "Nirvana," though that has been lacking in recent posts.

DoubleStubble joined around Winter of 2018, more specifically, February of 2018. Although he originally joined as a joke account, he quickly developed a fondness of the website and began taking it more seriously.

Art History[]

DoubleStubble original started out drawing two rat-like characters, named Shiba (Shibe) and Shobe. These two characters were how he originated his name, since they had a sort of stubble around their noses, and, of course, there were two of them, hence, DoubleStubble. The only real defining character traits of these rats was that Shobe had a drug problem.

These rat-like creatures stayed around for quite a while, taking many different forms other than Shiba and Shobe, taking the form of a generic creature, and they still remain today, though less prominent. One additional rat was Bertha.

Bertha, in the words of DoubleStubble was "magnificent" and "too pure for this Earth." Bertha was one of the few female rats, and had one (presumed) daughter named Matilda who looked up to her, wanting to one day be as pretty as her one day. Bertha was a Marilyn Monroe-like figure in dress and hair, outside of being a rat, and apparently had an entire church built for her, named, fittingly, "The Church of Bertha." Though she was a short-lived character, never being seen outside of February, DoubleStubble has expressed his fondness of the character. Bertha's only backstory is her divorce with a nameless rat named, "Ron," who was put in a Kalamazoo jail for not providing for Matilda, their daughter.

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Gradually, he changed from the rat-like creatures into a more humanoid type character, the notable exception being a third eye on their head. This was his OC for quite a while, donning a turtleneck sweater (see right). The character, of current knowledge, has no real definitive backstory.

Soon, DoubleStubble created a similar character to the one previously mentioned, now donning their "Nirvana" turtleneck and lacking the third eye. A description of this character can be found at the top of the page. This is their current OC.


  • Shiba has a glass eye!
  • His rat's real name is Stroodle (sometimes spelled Strooodle, or Stroodel).