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dragonFanatic has been using Drooodle since May of 2014. He is a contributing member to the Drooodle community and often participates in adventure threads.

Character Information
Also known as: "a fucking mong" -Deskdrawer 2019
Species: Animorph :J
Age: 19
Friends: none
Enemies: dumb drooodle nwords that be postin about how hard they homework is and its literally 8th grade algebra


dragonFanatic has many original characters, including his most used character: Dragon.


Dragon is a self-insert. His appearance is that of a slender, teenage boy with slanted eyes and messy hair. Dragon wears an orange sweater with blue jeans, but was first seen wearing a dress shirt and a tie. DragonFanatic's art-style changes over the months and every incarnation looks slightly different than the last. Dragon is infamous for being an edgelord and a goof ball, however he just sees himself as playful and mischievous. He is a strong believer in using the site as it was meant to be used (editing peoples' pictures) and won't hesitate to bully lesser drooodlers that frequently post TEXT or IMAGES. (Gee, I wonder who wrote all this? :y)

-He can morph into a dragon

-He has a twin brother named Juan



Godzilla is a cartoon representation of the previously mentioned character: Godzilla. Godzilla's appearance is similar to that of the salamanders from Homestuck and Godzilla. Although he may be based off of the original Godzilla, Godzilla has the most similar appearance to the Godzilla that appeared in Godzilla vs. Megagirus. Godzilla was dragonFanatic's first real, respectable original character and was often seen causing much destruction. Godzilla loved causing trouble and was often a nuisance to Drooodle City("home" of drooodle characters). However, as time came Godzilla because less and less popular... dragonFanatic had to abandon him to make time on a new original character. Godzilla is currently roaming the countryside of the Drooodle plains.


Chicken was dragonFanatic's second original character and is a rooster despite being called the gender-neutral, "Chicken". Chicken is the very definition of a villain. He is bad-mannered, trigger-happy, mean, antagonistic, and a complete psychopath. Chicken seems to dislike many drooodlers, including everyone. Chicken is also often seen robbing people, committing murder, battery, and practicing sacrifice of victims at Satanic religious ceremonies. Chicken's appearance is that of a cartoon rooster with a mild-manner expression on his face. Chicken only aligns himself with people he could possibly benefit from. Chicken currently resides in prison.

Ninja Guy[]

He is dragonFanatic's third original character and was abandoned soon after his creation.


Noozer was a drooodler who came from Doodle Or Die who's artstyle was much appreciated by Dragonfanatic. He did not post often on Drooodle, so to preserve his legacy, Bloozer was created. Bloozer, his name a combination of Blue and Noozer, has the same appearance of Noozer. However unlike Noozer, Bloozer is coloured blue. Personality-wise he is shown to be to opposite of the curious and blank-faced Noozer: crude, politically incorrect, and hates Undertale.

-He was voted President of Drooodle via Strawpoll back in 2016 when it had a functioning government


He's a ghost.