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The two card variants

Drooodle Cards are a spoof of Pokémon Cards that come in 5 cards per pack that was made by fellow drooodlers which feature certain OCs on them.


Drooodle Card Packs are rectangular shaped cards in similar fashion to Pokemon Cards. A typical drooodle card pack will come in a pack which has the drooodle 'd' on it and text stating "OC Card Pack" or anything similar to that fashion.

The cards themselves will come in a variety of colors depending on the rarity of their type, and have the typical drooodle 'd' on it and have the contents of the OC featured on the back.

Contents & Types[]

Drooodle Card Packs will come in two variants; Mystery Card Pack (MCP) and Regular Card Pack (RCP) as depicted below:

The difference between the two packs is that a RCP will always hold 2 common cards and 1 uncommon card, the last 2 being random. MCPs will always contain random cards, i.e; 1 Golden, 2 Greens, 2 Reds.

The cards themselves will contain an OC of any drooodler, the higher rarity the card, the more damage will be dealt and have overall better stats.

In order from rarest to least rare:

  • Gold/Yellow cards: Golden Legendary Cards
  • Purple Cards: Legendary Cards.                     
    F0ks (1).png
  • Green Cards: Ultra Rare
  • Red Cards: Rare
  • Blue Cards: Uncommon 
  • Black/White Cards: Common

Battling System[]

The attacking player will chose a move. If the move is dodge-able, flip a coin. If tails go to the dogging mini-game. If the defending opponent has a dodge move or an dodge card they can use it to dodge, no matter if it is a dodge-able move or not. The attacking player must draw their OC preforming the move on the other players OC. Each player only has 6 OC's any dodging or revival cards can be used once per battle.


Season 1[]

  • Introduced the cards and basic contents

Season 2[]

  • Introduced more OCs
  • Introduced more card types
  • Added MCPs

'Bootleg' Card-packs[]

bootleg card-packs are card-packs where instead of traditionally having others make cards for you, you make your own cards mid-battle or before battle. This act is frowned upon but is understandable for newcomers to the game

Gallery (Add your cards here!)[]