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Drooodle City

Drooodle City is the main city in Drooodle and is ruled by King Box. It is home to many important events. Drooodle City is a fairly large city holding many residents. Although this is a rather important city, it is targeted by almost any monster/villain that wants to cause harm, such as Mewzilla, which almost destroyed the city more than once.

Basic Overview[]

Drooodle City holds many industries many of which are small. Lots of things occurred in this city. Such as a tax war, a zombie apocalypse, a ghost apocalypse, and many more things. (Note: Most things happend before accounts.) There are many parts of Drooodle City, such as Downtown, the main part of the city, and the Royal Palace. Since the city is located around many bodies of water, it is also targeted by many marine monsters.

Attacks On The Royal Palace[]

On a certain day, the people of Drooodle City were fed up with the high taxes which caused them to storm the Royal Palace. After a little bit, the police had to use teargas to calm the mob down. Since then, the taxes have been lowered a tiny bit.

Another Major event was when King Box outlawed relationships with User and Anonymous. This caused major anger and a similar situation to the tax event. Once again, the situation was cleared out with finding out that it was actually Trinosaur trying to sabotage king box for reasons that will not be shown to the public. Later, King Box made these relationships legal.

Mewzilla Attacks[]

One day, on island near Drooodle City, a monster called "Mewzilla" awakened after going through a chase scene, somebody tried to catch it with a master ball, but it failed. A bit after that, it went to Drooodle City to wreak havoc, and to kill Matt, Mr. Snake, and Bob because they stopped it before. They then boarded the S.S NoTroll to escape. They escaped with their lives and got away. Mewzilla also faced Yoshzilla and Titanboa in Drooodle City, as a result, it caused numerous damage to the city but has since then been repaired.



  • Drooodle City is on an Island.
  • Drooodle City was attacked by Mewzilla, Titanboa, and Yoshzilla.
  • Drooodle City's first king and only king is King Box.
  • Drooodle City's first queen was Queen Drooodle Pie before she went insane and lost her title as ruler.