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A map of Drooodle Island done by afro guy

Drooodle Island is a large island located in the center of the Drooodle Sea . It is home to many notable locations such as Drooodle city and the Sahara desert. It is where most events on drooodle occur.

Geography & Topography[]

Drooodle Island contains a large variety of landscapes including, but not limited to; deserts, plains, mountains, taigas, forests, rivers, and lakes. The island is shown to be mostly flat and at sea level, as large, flat plains are commonly depicted in drawings. However, large cliffs, mountains, and volcanoes might suggest the island is also very mountainous. It is also suspected that underneath Drooodle Island lies a large system of caves and other worldly features as shown in this thread .


Drooodle Island was once a monarchy, being ruled over by DrooodlePie until she went insane with power, then being replaced with King Box for the majority of drooodle's history. Eventually, because of king box's absence, he was overthrown and replaced by a democracy. An election was held, with J-Ace winning. He eventually stepped down and was replaced by king box once more. It is unsure if these 2 events where connected.

Notable Locations[]

Drooodle city[]

Drooodle City

Drooodle City is a rather large city with many residents located at the northern end of the island. It is frequently attacked by monsters and is home to many invasions.

Drooodle Bay[]

Drooodle bay is a town located at the south side of the island. Not much is know about it other than the fact that it contains at least 1 7/11.

Sahara Desert[]

The Sahara desert most likely exists inside of drooodle island. Unlike its real-world counterpart, the Sahara Desert is shown to have large, yellow dunes covered in Saguaro cacti. However, like the real Sahara, it has scattered pyramids and temples.

Mt. Drooodle[]

Though rarely shown, a large mountain exists near the northern part of drooodle island. The only 2 known locations are mad red's lodge and the ski resort.

a strange city located underneath the island

Drooodle homes[]

Drooodle Homes is a large suburban area right outside of Drooodle City. It is implied that the majority of islanders live there. Housing styles vary, with large Victorian homes built side-to-side with literal shacks. Most houses have large yards with a variety of oak trees and occasional pine dotting the area.