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(Frequently called "Gav") is a cat of all colors, most of the time he is white, but when he's not, he experiences different mood swings.


The account "gavmor01" has a variety of OCs, Examples are King Box, Dedede, Sir MonicleTinaStretchMale Foxy, Whiteface  and more. He varies in many ways, in one way, he was one of the kids that were killed in 1987 and in another, he was in a local Pizza Hut fighting zombies.

Stuff and Facts[]

Gavmor has a lot of abilities such as having elemental power (a power for every color. For example: Cyan is Laser, and red is fire), Gav's head can fall off his body and a yellow scarf helps keep it up, his head got eaten by a demon named Chwade, but it got recovered. Gav has an opposite named gavdog that can take off his eyes but can still see through them, gavdog is also not as smart and polite as gavmor. after a while, in 2016 gav changed his oc look to gave arms and legs, gavmor's creator did this because the design without arms and legs would make it hard to make him do different poses.


Unknown OC facts[]

Stretch and dedede are related. tina's manufacturer is unknown to this day,but what we can conclude about him is that he is advanced at making toys. Clone king is Gav's evil counterpart from the 666 dimension. Gav's artist likes to call Whiteface a brother from another mother. one of Gav's hobbies are making deformed filler OC's.