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Keeby is a character based off Kirby from the Kirby franchise. While often confused for the real Kirby it's easy to see the differences once you start interacting with him.

Some of the following differences can be listed here:

  • Keeby is an extremely overpowered character. He is able to supposedly one hit KO every enemy in sight. Originally it was thought that extreme temperatures were his weak point until it was confirmed by him it was simply a lie.
  • Keeby has the ability to stretch his arms to ridiculous lengths. While this has no real practical use he often use this ability when derping around.
  • Keeby has an infinite amount of dummies identical to him which he can deploy at any moment. He often uses this technique to fool his enemies.
  • Keeby can be extremely aggressive and he usually likes to spar, most of the times with 1r5.


Keeby in his neutral form

Not much is known about the artist of keeby except on what he stated which are:

  • He is British
  • He claims to be 21 years old, but this is improbable.


While most of the time keeby is quiet and harmless there have been several occasions when Keeby was perceived by users as annoying and attention seeking.

This lead to many wars to be declared on him which all ended with him promising to not commit his mistakes again even through later he would be accused of the same things.