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The colors.

Kitterfly is a male orange tabby cat with green eyes and feathered wings.

He is particularly fond of rainbows, cake, and shiny objects.

His artist is an adult female, and is rumored to prefer posting anonymously, sometimes more often than not.

Kitterfly walking in the park.

Kitterfly is usually in a cheerful, happy-go-lucky mood. To see otherwise is relatively rare.

Moar colorz~ (He doesn't usually have a mohawk, beard, earrings, collar, etc. Just in this one picture)

Kitterfly's artist's other OC. Gator by anonymous.

Kitterfly's artist has one other OC, but she is very rarely seen. A large black fluffy cat with golden eyes and a white chest puff. (Not officially named. Pictured at bottom)

These two OCs are actually based on real-life cats, so OC might not be the most accurate term.

Based on this information, there is a good chance that 1 more OC will appear alongside Kitterfly and the second OC, sooner or later.