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Lost is a young drooodler (age of 12) with two OC's one being a purple eyed being with a jacket no arms and also has the ability to teleport as he pleases The second is a zangoose pokemon Zangoose sometimes wearing a hat or guitar.

                                                                              History []

Lost came on 6/30/2014 As a face that could only move its mouth and eyebrows on 7/4/2014 The first auctull lost was born with green eyes and could shoot out green balls at will. On 7/8/2014 the green eyed lost "died" by a robot in a post. Than the purple eyed lost we know today was born. on 10/2/2014 he took a month brake from drooodle coming back for two days, than taking a 6 month brake (with a few posts in between). On 4/6/2015 Lost came back with a new Oc The zangoose lost.

                                                                          Green Eyed Lost[]

Not much is known about green eyed lost otherwise as he had no arms and that only lived a few short days and soon "died".

                                                                         Purple Eyed Lost[]

Purple Eyed Lost is a arm less man with the ability to teleport at will he also has a coat with 3-4 buttons on it and is very hyper. Purple Eyed Lost is so far one of the longest living Losts with a date of 7 months so far.

Zangoose Lost[]


Zangoose lost is a Zangoose [1] That can a times be wearing a Hat or a guitar on his back. This Zangoose has a defense system where claws will come out of his hands when scared.


Lost used to have a username known as Lone but than changed it because people had the wrong idea

There was once going to be a Orange eyed lost with a insane temper but than got replaced with Zangoose lost

Lost has a gaming account Named Raspylightining