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Mega Blunder
Mega blunder.png
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Mega, Blunder, mega_blunder
Species: Human/Stick Figure
Age: Same as real life
Friends: most drooodlers
Enemies: Racist Trolls/Anons, Spammers
Voice: Same as real life

Mega_blunder is a stickman OC. He lives alone on Drooodle Island and likes to wander around. He is friendly unless provoked. Personality is directly linked to the drawer. His drawer uses a Wacom Intuos touch and pen small drawing tablet.


Mega_blunder is a stick figure with glasses and a blue mouth mask. He is also seen with his main weapons such as Frozen Fury. And every once in a while, he is seen with a third arm visible.His weapons are can be invisible at certain times when mega_blunder dosn't need to have them at the ready.

Abilities and Items[]

Frozen Fury[]

  • Blue and grey daggers
  • soul bound to mega_blunder so that they will return to him once they heal when damaged

    On the left is the Glasses, in the middle is the Mouth Mask, and on the right is Frozen Fury.

  • Self repair if damaged

Green fury[]

  • a sword obtained from jerry tian
  • mega_blunder only uses this in dire situations

Demon cutter[]

  • a sword obtained from jerry tian
  • mega_blunder only uses this in dire situations


  • Black glasses with small trim
  • Allows him to see and prevents his eyes from being damaged

Improved bandana[]

  • A mouth mask that alternates between blue and white as its design
  • Protects the mouth of mega_blunder to prevent damage to it
  • give +20% speed and when in danger give invisibility.
  • you know when its active when theres a electricity effect on it

Third Arm[]

  • Since he was exposed to radiation, he developed a third arm
  • Can be hidden and revealed only when necessary

Potion brewing[]

  • He is an expert in making potions
  • can make an array of potions, if there is time to do so


  • a self-repairing hoverboard that achives high speeds
  • only used to travel long distances

Wizard Magic[]

  • mega_blunder has basic wizard training
  • can perform a shield spell
  • can perform a E.M.P spell
  • mega_blunder has a limited mana bar

Smoke teleportation[]

  • Allows Mega_blunder to teleport
  • Leaves behind a small smoke cloud that quickly vanishes
  • This is on a cooldown of 15 minutes
    Mega blunder timeline.png


mega_blunder with all of his weapons.

drawn by Jerry Tian( http://www.drooodle.com/d/g2s3 )

Drawn by Jerrry Tian (http://www.drooodle.com/d/fklk#fkmt)

Drawn by Mr.Snake(http://www.drooodle.com/d/fl3v)

jerry tian giving green fury (http://www.drooodle.com/d/fm9i#fmbq)

(http://www.drooodle.com/d/g1z8 ) Jerry tian giving away another sword

mega_blunders face non-obstructed, showing the rune marking on his face