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Character Information
Gender: Robot/Male
Species: Robot/Mech
Friends: Lazer
Occupation: Saving Drooodle City

O.R.B. drawn by Zweek.

O.R.B. or Overpowered Robototic Buddy is a 7 cm. tall mech who is extremely overpowered. If he's not saving drooodle city, he is popping his head in different posts. He lives with his pet hedgehog, Henry, in 600billionlazer in his huge house. He is also the founder or Team NoHaters.


O.R.B. using his rocket legs to fly.

O.R.B. has an oval shaped head and huge shoulders with a small torso. His arms are skinny, but his hands are huge and fat. His legs and feet are tiny. On his chest he has a yellow square and 2 yellow ovals on both sides at the bottom of his torso. On his shoulders he has 3 black spots on both sides. His hands have 3 fingers and a yellow stripe.

How It Happened[]


Marshmallow was bored of his oc even for having it for such short time. He always liked buff mechs, so he created O.R.B. He was much more pleased with him and decided to keep him.


Henry is O.R.B.'s pet hedgehog. He is often seen in posts with O.R.B., or occasionally alone. O.R.B. received Henry on his 1,000 drooodle, because O.R.B.'s owner has always wanted a hedgehog. For the most part, Henry just pokes his nose into threads and stands by O.R.B.


What a standard note from O.R.B. looks like.

O.R.B. frequently posts notes on drooodle. They often are just making a statement or asking a question. It's trademark is the ending, "Your fellow drooodler, O.R.B." It is one of the many special things O.R.B. does that makes him different from other drooodlers.


  • He has super strength
  • He has telekinesis
  • He can fly using his retractable rocket legs
  • His hands can create plasma balls to shoot at opponents and block himself.
  • Hugging is his favorite thing ever