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Rare Emeralds
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Rare, Emerald, RE
Species: Emerald
Age: over 500+
Friends: All of his followers, Dr. Brainztorm
Enemies: Dicks
Occupation: Author

Rare Emeralds is an emerald who resides in Drooodle. He lives in his emerald mansion and always spends his time on the internet when he is not out socializing with his friends. He is best friends with Dr. Brainztorm.


Rare Emeralds's Emerald Mansion

No one knows how his childhood went, but what we do know is that he is a rich emerald. Rare Emeralds don't usually go out. He always spends his time counting his easy-earned money. He is rich because he is an author who writes books about the history of emeralds. It made him very rich and famous. He mostly spends all of his money in rebuilding his mansion which is always being destroyed by other Drooodlers.


When Emeralds' first watched Vsauce3's DONG, he thought of Drooodle as a peaceful community. That Drooodle would be a fine place for him to reside then migrated to Drooodle.


He is a green emerald with yellow line on the edges of his body. He has yellow arms and feet but his feet are not shown most of the time. He wears a black ribbon.