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Red velvet.png

Red Velvet (RedVelvetTheCat) is a cat that frequents Drooodle from time to time. She has a generally polite and reserved personality, and is often very quiet. Her human version is Lana. She has not posted since November, 2014, possibly due to trolls


Red Velvet is a very furry cat drawn with a red outline with purple and gold eyes. She has a fringe cover her left eye, and a fuzzball under her neck. Her arms and legs are undefined, and her tail is very fluffy. She is often seen with Stan, a mug of coffee with a leaf pattern on it. Red Velvet has a pink nose and purple mouth.


She is often very timid around others, but when she is comfortable with her environment, she will be very straightforward and flamboyant. She is almost always happy, and it is rare for her to get angry. She is loving and so is often drawn with a heart next to her.