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Sahara got a Sahara card.


Sahara is a sand girl who is soulbound to the Sahara Desert on Earth. She also rules other deserts. She has a pet fish named Arahas. She lives in Drooodle.


Sahara is a yellow girl with orange eyes and yellow eyebrows, even though they are drawn in orange so they can be seen better. She has long yellow hair and her outfit is yellow.

She can also change form because she is made of sand, but she chooses to just stick to being a sand girl. Her creator, a former member of Team Butts, (seen in the lower right picture next to Sahara) is too lazy to draw Sahara in another form.

Team Dicks Confusion[]

It was thought that Sahara was once a member of Team Dicks by some trolls, a claim she strenuously denies. After briefly joining Team Butts, it is now known that she is part of Team Butts.