Drooodle Wiki
Character Information
Gender: Genderfluid (Male Mostly)
Also known as: Zowie, Snivs, Sharkzow
Species: Human
Age: 13
Friends: Probably a lot of people idk, ShadowDawgDraws
Occupation: Drooodling
First Appearance: Some time in April 2015
Voice: Extremely high-pitched.
  • Shez0w is a new drooodler who uses a trackpad and the Pooodle 10 plugin. Drawing is their passion, and they are always looking for new plugins. 


After watching a Vsauce DONG video, Shez0w decided to migrate to Drooodle. After a few incidents with fake emails and username thieves, they ended up with the username Shez0w, which surprisingly fit all of their other accounts. They started out with their sona being a white axolotl with stripes, but after a while, they changed their sona to the character Shezow from the show of the same name. She's wierd.


Unnamed Axolotl[]

Unnamed axolotl is an unnamed axolotl. It has 3 stripes of orange, yellow, and blue on its head, arms, legs, and tailfin. It appears to enjoy dancing and is concerned about everyone's feelings. Ew.

PG/Pastel Goth Bullshitsune[]

PG, or Pastel Goth Bullshitsune, is a kitsune. She has a brown suede string tied around her, which is covered with beads and talismans. She wears a mask with pink and blue stripes on it, and the mask's eyes are "anime eyes." She has not been shown to have a personality other than "hey im a bullshitsune."


Toxicat is an alien cat. She is similar to Peridot of Steven Universe. No further information is known.


Sharkzow originated in the "draw your sona as a furry" thread. Being the huge dick they are, Shez0w drew Shezow as a shark. This evolved into Sharkzow, a common character in their art.

Princess NoLmao Fatasshorse[]

Princess NoLmao Fatasshorse was a joke MLP oc. She was made in the default Drooodle colors. Soon after her creation, being an alicorn oc, she was murdered by a dumbass anon. Fuck you, anon.

Satanic Zombie Axolotl Dolphin[]

SZAD is a wierd thing that exists. Nobody knows why she does.

Brown Hair Dork[]

Brown Hair Dork is Shez0w's IRL appearance and personality. They enjoy memes, pina coladas, milkshakes, drawing, and writing wiki entries until their little stubby triangle fingers cramp up. They love fictional characters, and are the shittiest artist ever.


Skaia is Experiment 302 at LAB 07. She is a rare Maskless Bullshitsune. Knowing this, she could not survive in the wild, since Bullshitsunes feed hrough their masks. She lives on a diet of the number 6.

Keff Sigra[]

Keff Sigra is the head scientist at LAB 07. She is a human/fox hybrid with chocolate brown hair. Keff enjoys visiting Skaia and sneaking her old research papers.