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Team Dicks is a team of 'dick artists' who are against Team Censor and efforts to suppress their freedom of expression. Whenever they draw something, usually penis related, Team Censor draws over it. Team Dicks draws a "purple" dick and that's supposed to be Team Censor's leader, Kitty Dog Censor. Team Dicks have hashtags:

  1. teamdicks
  2. fuckcensorbars
  3. embracethedicks
  4. wearecruiting
  5. dicks
  6. joinus
  7. dickartisnotacrime

Team Dicks believes that everyone has the right to draw a glorious dick without being judged or having their artwork defaced. They dream of a day when they will not be persecuted for their art.


Most members of Team Dicks are anonymous but there are also some users with accounts who are joined to Team Dicks.