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thatti, which is short for something, is a persona that largely resembles her creator/user who goes by the same nickname. Her distinguishing features are her lack of colour, plain face, voluminous hair, and large hips.

General Information[]

Although not around a lot of the time, thatti is a friendly traveler who searches for cute things everywhere she goes. The reason she often goes missing is because she has wandered away and gotten distracted by other cute things, mostly girls. She's gay. She is also kinda old and offers her life wisdom to anyone who wants to hear it. The reason her hips are so big is because of rigorous squat regiment and her love of cheeseburgers.

Powers & Abilities

thatti doing a plain punch


She may appear gentle and kind but she's also implied to be incredibly powerful and strong. Being her personavatar, representing the powers contained within her creative universe is what gives her her power.

  • Punch -  thatti's power most often manifests in the most simple of ways
  • Burst -  Large explosions or shockwaves will often follow thatti's attacks or she can direct energy for a wider blast
  • Speed -  thatti can potentially move at mach speeds but probably not lightspeeds
  • Durable -  Her body houses an omnipotent being, and several gods. She has incredible toughness


thatti's perfect burger would be a plain double meat with cheese, lettuce, avacado and bacon.