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Character Information
Also known as: Tobe, Toben, slime
Species: slime
Age: over 3000000000 years

Tobenetois is a sentient green slime that has the ability to travel in multi-verses. He resides in a universe called Renorium


He is a green slime with black beady Core. Light reflects on is body that is why he appears with a lustrous body.


  • Shy. He is often seen hiding from other Drooodlers (except for his followers).
  • Tobenetois is clever. He can solve puzzles fast and can solve other complicated problems.
  • Benevolent. He doesn't attack people but when you provoke him, he will proceed to kill you.
  • Helpful. Always ready to help
  • Fair. aways 50/50
  • Tobenetois can go insane if someone who he loves will be ,,deleted"  from realities 


Tobenetois loves playing video-games, playing with LEGOs, solving puzzles, etc.


Tobenetois' core have multi-universal power of Good and Bad,

  • It's practically indestructible
  • Most of Tobenetois' godlike powers are from it


  • shape sifting
  • He knows all languages of all universes
  • godlike power to creating new life
  • stealing all kind of energy (includes life energy) [only when it's totally necessary]
  • reviving
  • creating new universes
  • He know how to use all kind of weapon
  • changing molecules on atomic scale (only inside his body) (example: turning water into paper)


Character Information
Species: spirit
Age: over 3000000000 years


Ciry is a sky-blue Spirit that has cyan face.


Depends on Tobenetois's moods.

While next to Tobenetois[]

Ciry visualizes His and Tobenetois's emotions in same moment, so He have almost same emotions as Tobenetois.

While alone[]

  • Scared, almost everything can scare him.
  • Very shy.
  • Random.


  • possessing people (only when it's necessary)
  • reading minds
  • flying through things

Bonus notes[]

  • If Ciry isn't scared when alone, that means there's another spirit somewhere.
  • If Ciry is scared while next to Tobenetois, that means there's something powerful enough to kill spirit.
  • if someone is deleted from realities it's worst than if someone is killed becaouse there's no way to bring it back life. everything what will be after this is just random memories (only someone godlike can do this, and only someone godlike can remember deleted person)
  • ,,Sometimes if you want to learn more, you need to think out side of the box, and deep inside in the topic"


  • His first name is "Toben" while "Etois" is his last name.
  • Ciry never had a body.
  • There's only one way to kill Tobenetois, but only he knows what it is
  • If Tobenetois will start to attack you... There's only two things what you need to know. You made something really Soulless, and you  will probably die in next few secs