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  • He is part of #teambutt
  • He hates the color yellow
  • He is a Whovian and a member of the Illuminati
  • What is behind the shades is the most protected secret in the world. Not even he knows. or the government
  • He is last of the species. Tornrians are immortal, unless someone kills them
  • Torn is a murderer. His weapon is an axe, which he calls Phil, and he kills trolls on Drooodle
  • He is 2ft 1in
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Tornainbow,
Species: Tornrian
Age: 12
Friends: Anyone who is not a butt
Enemies: anyone who is a butt
Occupation: Drawing, Poll creating
First Appearance: as an anon, got into from the Vsauce3 video
Voice: medium pitched and raspy