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Heathcliff is a 14 year old boy from the same planet in another timeline.

The artist is, as well, a 14 year old boy.


New Hethcliff


Heathcliff has 3 shirts, blue-jeans, and spiked boots (of which are never changed).

His original shirt is a black and white double-sleeved shirt, though usually he wears a plain white tee. (seen to the right below the new design that I couldn't remove) 


The second is a solid black shirt.  

The third is a dark blue tee that says "Cool" with the B) emoticon below  

Stay Mad Kiddo (^:

Stay Mad Kiddo (^:

Stay Mad Kiddo (^:

Stay Mad Kiddo (^:  


Uber without sunglass eyes.

  • Heathcliff's eyes are purple under the sunglasses.
  • Heathcliff has a crush on Bella.
  • Heathcliff has insomnia.